Virtually hand-free admission process

Clear Process

Our admissions process will save time managing the process, so you can focus on who is the best fit for your school. 

Admissions Data

Our overview shows you whereapplicants are at in the process, and any applicants who are stuck at a step.

Key Features



Our configurable questions allow you to capture the information you need to make a decision.


We automatically email the provided references, capture their feedback and move the applicant on to the next step.

Review Answers

We require each applicant to review their questions prior to continuing their application, removing the need for back and forth with updated answers.

Application Fee

Applicants can pay the application fee as part of the process.


Your team inputs their available time, then applicants choose an interview time that works for them.

Confirm Emails

Applicants are asked to confirm their email address to avoid fake emails or typos in their address.

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