Flexible attendance tracking.

Flexible Attendance

Progetta LEARN provides the flexibility you need for attendance. You create classes, then choose the class schedule. When attendance is enabled for a class, your students must physically swipe with their ID cards to be marked as present. 

Track Absences

For each student you can view the number of days present, tardy, or absent. You have visibility on days where they showed up for one class, but may have missed other classes. .

Key Features


Limit # of Absences

For each year, you are able to set the maximum number of absences per student for the student to graduate.

Student Visibility

Students see the same calendar as your staff team, allowing them to see where they are at without contacting your staff.

Adjust Absences

Exceptions happen, and in that case your team can adjust absences or tardies.

Change Tracking

Any time an absence is manually changed, we require a reason and keep record of the change.


If your school includes trips, those days are automatically marked as absent when the student has been accepted to a trip.


The attendance count is visible on the student list, allowing you to see who is missing the largest number of days.

APlus Attendance Integration

We provide a close integration with APlus Attendance. We will walk you through what hardware you need to purchase that fits bets for your school. We are able to work with RFID, barcode scanners and QR code scanners.

We have a relationship with APlus, and we will give you instructions to setup the attendance tracking and we handle the rest from there.


With APlus we support multiple collection methods.


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