Assign and track student’s homework.


Progetta LEARN provides the flexibility you need for homework. You assign homework based on class enrollment, and assign homework to either one class or the entire school. Homework includes physically turned in homework, online quizzes, and uploaded documents.

Key Features


Online Homework

Students can upload electronic files for your review.


Students can complete quizzes to verify they have read a chapter.

Physical Homework

Students can turn in homework to your team, and you check it off in our system.

Homework Categories

If needed, you can categorize the homework for easier reporting.

Student Visibility

With homework assignments, students see what staff see. They see all of their assignments and the # missing on their dashboard.

Homework Milestones

We have a unique feature called homework milestones. You are able to “lock” students out of class by giving them absences if they have outstanding homework.

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