This list covers the software implementation for Progetta LEARN.

Table of Contents

Step 1 : School Information
Contact Info & Name
Email Addresses

Step 2 : Visual
– Logos
– Color Palette
– Photos

Step 1: School Information

Send us your school information for the initial setup and configuration of your account. This can be sent via your slack channel or email.

Contact Info & Name

  • School Name: i.e. My School of Wonderfulness
  • Acronym (or short name): i.e. MSOW
  • Physical Address:
  • Phone Number:


  • Finance Email:
    • This can be the same as your contact email, but can be different if you’d like.
  • General Contact Email:
    • Your school contact email for all student inquiries to be directed to.
  • No Reply Email:
    • We have the option to send emails that reply to the donotreply email address. We recommend this address is setup and monitored rarely.


Color Palette