Progetta LEARN

A comprehensive solution for your school’s admissions and student management so that you can pastor your students.


Our admissions process will save you time and eliminates your prospective student’s stuck points.


A trusted attendance system to give you real time information on who is in class.


Receive application payments, tuition payments, and manage payment plans.


Assign homework based on classes, and check in online.

The Problem

We know you’d love to grow your school, but to do that there is required infrastructure in place. We have been there, we have helped other schools and we would love to help you grow without headaches.

Common problems are:

  • Applicants being lost in the admissions process
  • No visibility on how many students are coming to school
  • Not knowing how many students are attending each day
  • Not collecting tuition from every student
  • Multiple systems not working together well






Our Software

Progetta LEARN was created to take the weight of the administration of your school off of your hands. We want you to minimize the time administrating your school and maximize the time you spend with the students.

Think of us like a partner who has been there before. We provide a software solution and services to work alongside you as you grow and run into challenges.

Our platform started with a ministry school in northern California, and that school has used it for 10+ years. We have found that other ministry schools have had challenges finding a platform that works for them. They often use one system for admissions, another for homework, another for attendance, another for finance. We are able to bring those into one place while still integrating seamlessly with other systems. 






Types of Schools

Featured School

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry

Pilot School

Bethel has a school of 2,500+ students between all three years of school. This software has been used by Bethel, tested extensively for their school.

2,500 students yearly


We believe our full featured school management software
will do everything you dreamed about for your school and more. 


Assign homework based on classes, and check in online. Or create quizzes that students must pass to mark the assignment as complete.


Set classes as required or optional, and track attendance for each class.

mission trips

Our mission trip module allows students to apply for trips, fundraise, and our admin team can manage the expenses for the trips.


Our powerful class systems allows staff to create classes with multiple options for placing students in them.

student list

Our student list allows you to have full featured filtering as well as custom columns.


Receive application payments, tuition payments, and manage payment plans.


Daily stats and reporting so you know your numbers.

Bulletin Board

Communicate with students through a resources board, and students can communicate with each other through the bulletin board.

Email Communication

Email students individually, or by class, by tag, or saved view.


Not only can students  pay their tuition,  loved ones can donate to their tuition.

User Permissions

Allow staff to have the access they need, while maintaining student’s privacy.

Integrated Attendance

We integrate with APlus attendance. This allow students to check in for their classes.

Application process

Our thorough application process can be changed for the questions that you need to ask your incoming applications. 

yearly configuration

Set the tuition, start dates, end dates and other configuration options for each year.

Student Tags

Tag students in any way you like.

Homework Completed



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