Manage school trip applications, trip acceptance, fundraising and expenses.

Travel Management

Some schools have trips students are able to apply for and fundraise for during the year. We have made it easy to have your students apply for trips, trip leaders to build their team, then handle the finances and fundraising once the team is built.

Integrated with Attendance

When a student is on a trip, their attendance is automatically updated to show they are traveling. This means you don’t have to keep track manually when students are on trips.

Key Features



Not only can students pay for their own trip costs, friends and family can donate to their trip.


Admins can choose the amount a trip costs, adjust the amount per student, and choose deadlines that the student must hit fundraising goals.


Admins can put in the trip expenses to balance the cost of the trip with the money raised.

Travel Profile

We require the students to update their information including emergency contact, passport information prior to applying for a trip.

Team Leaders

Team leaders can choose who is accepted to their trip, communicate with their team and see the fundraising progress.


The attendance count is visible on the student list, allowing you to see who is missing the largest number of days.

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